Hotel Klammer Sterzing im südtiroler Wipptal
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  • Wellness und Erholung

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Tutto soft –
Take it easy and relax

Today, everyone talks about wellness and relaxation. Unfortunately, in the hamster wheel of everyday life, we hardly manage to take the time for ourselves to relax. Taking loving care of yourself – Ohm shanti – often remains a pious wish.

At the Hotel Klammer we want to help you have a relaxing holiday so that you may return to your everyday life fully recharged.

That’s why we have an exclusive offer for our guests: Visit the Balneum indoor and outdoor pool with sauna, beauty, and physiotherapy area! With a hotel stay of minimum three days, admission is included in the price (only for direct bookings) – This way, within 2-3 minutes on foot, you may indulge in pure relaxation and pamper your body, mind, and soul. The Balneum is an excellent choice after long summer hikes or at the end of an exciting day in the snow. Opening hours and information:

Indoor & Outdoor Pool Balneum

We are a partner hotel of the new indoor and outdoor pool Balneum in Vipiteno. The swimming pool is also very suitable for small kids, who may enjoy fantastic water fun in a beautiful paddling pool. There is a large pool for athletic swimmers, perfect for doing laps. In the summer, there is a Lido atmosphere in the outdoor area.

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Sauna & Beauty Area
at the Balneum

A wide range of saunas (Finnish sauna, stone sauna, herbal sauna, steam bath) invite you to relax. Enjoy classic sauna pleasure in a 95-degree Finnish sauna or an extraordinary crystal steam bath, cooling off in the plunge pool or in the cooling grotto. There are various quiet areas for relaxation: the Hay and Wave Dream or the water beds.

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